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You can collect, drop off or return a parcel. Choose from thousands of FedEx locations nationwide. Both domestic and international shipments are accepted.
How does FedEx drop off work?
Pack and seal your package

Tape all the package seams securely. Make sure the package is in good condition and all old labels and barcodes are blacked out. The package should weigh 20 KG or less and max. dimensions are 30 CM x 40 CM x 50 CM. Get tips on packing.

Attach your shipping label

Easily create a label online. If you already have a label, you're good to go. Attach the label on the biggest surface of the package and try not to put it across any seams or edges.

Drop off at a location near you

Take your package and drop off at a location partnering with FedEx or an available FedEx Station.

To check whether your package is suitable for drop-off, enter your tracking number here first.

FedEx locations - Poland