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In-store shipping services near you

We're here to help you print, pack, and ship. Find FedEx services when and where you need them. For added convenience, download the FedEx® Mobile app. Use your phone to create shipping labels and get QR codes for easy returns.

Streamline shipping and deliveries this spring

Fast-track your shipments with FedEx One Rate®

New one-rate, two-day shipping. As low as $9.75. Anywhere in the U.S. for one low price.

Drop off packages and shop

Out and about? Drop off your packages at a popular retail location near you. Choose from FedEx Office, Walgreens, Dollar General, grocery stores, and many others.

Turn a QR code into a shipping label

Create a shipping label on your phone and get a QR code. Bring your package and code to a participating retail location, and a team member will print your label and send your shipment.

Popular FedEx in-store printing and shipping services

Pickup and dropoff locations

FedEx Office

FedEx Ship Center®

  • Ship domestic or international packages with FedEx Express®or FedEx Ground® packages, including some approved dangerous goods
  • Drop off FedEx Ground packages, hold your FedEx Express package for pickup
  • Get later cutoff times for FedEx Express shipments

FedEx at Walgreens

  • Your FedEx deliveries, now at Walgreens
  • When you pick up and drop off at Walgreens, convenience is just around the corner. Some locations are open 24 hours

Local shipping services from FedEx

FedEx local shipping offers fast, reliable, and convenient shipping within your area. You can choose from same-day or next-day delivery, track your shipment, and choose the packaging that's right for you. Rates are competitive, and you can pick up or drop off your package at a time that's convenient for you.

FedEx Office in-store shipping is a one-stop shop for all your shipping needs. They can pack and ship your package for you, print shipping labels, and provide you with shipping supplies. They also have experts who can help you with packaging, shipping requirements and returns.

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